About Centre for Sustainable Agrifood Systems

The Centre for Sustainable Agrifood Systems, commonly referred to as "START", an abbreviation from its name Centre for SusTainable AgRifood sysTems, ensures interdisciplinary collaboration among academic researchers in Denmark together with international partners. It will secure constant updating and upgrading of research infrastructure and access to living labs and drive the research forward to bring society closer to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

START conducts strategic research, targeted on structural and systemic longer-term solutions, plays a key role in developing the tools and strategies unlocking green transitions of the agrifood systems. This requires an integrative approach of technical innovation and societal transformation. START will provide a science driven and academic foundation for innovation activities and a focus on long-term solutions in the agrifood domain.

The power of collaboration

The challenges at hand are too great for a narrow approach. The power of further enhancing the cooperation of scientists from a broad diversity of disciplines, with inclusion of stakeholders from a broad actor´s perspective, enables START to create realistic future solutions together. By sharing expertise and facilities, we can create more impact even faster.

START stands for excellence through a united entry point for research collaboration attractive for partners at national and international scale. The centre is mission driven and will carry out activities that will strengthen research collaboration nationally as well as internationally within natural sciences including technologies, fully integrated with social sciences including humanities, socioeconomics and arts.

A united Danish research community

The START centre is a target-oriented academic research community that has united the Danish universities, who are in the domain of agrifood research:

Denmark has the proposition to be the European living lab to highlight the envisaged transition of European agrifood systems. START ensures that Danish R&D will be an attractive and essential lead partner in European interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral R&D towards a systematically integrated transition and transformation of agrifood systems.