The Centre for Sustainable Agrifood Systems (START) is a science-driven, academic and multi-disciplinary research platform that enables basic research collaboration within the field of sustainable Agrifood Systems. The platform comprises a joint effort by researchers from the united Danish universities - together STARTS represents a European research powerhouse.

START is based on a distributed governance model operated by the START Steering Committee under a rotation chair principal. The Chair position rotates on an annual basis.

The heart of START is the START Research Hubs. The Hubs are driven by several engaged Academic Hub Coordinators from various universities and disciplines with knowledge, insights and experiences within the topic of the Hub. 

The START secretariat is coordinated from Aarhus University yet, operated by a joint Administrative Support Team represented by the individual universities.

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Meet the START Steering Committee

Hanne Harmsen

START Chair, Vice-dean, CBS

Eskild Holm Nielsen

Dean, AU

Brian Vinter

Vice-dean, AU

Jesper Wengel

Associate Dean, KU

Christine Nellemann

Head of Department, DTU

Kim Lambertsen Larsen

Head of Department, AAU

Jens Ejbye Schmidt

Head of the Department for Green Technologies, SDU

Andreas Aagaard Christensen

Associate Professor, RUC

Steffen Dalsgaard

Deputy Head of Department, ITU

Meet the START Hub Supporters and the Administrative Team

Kristine Howe Kjer

START Coordinator, Special Consultant


  • Biodiversity - BIO

Hanne Vibeke Seidler

Special Consultant


Phone: +45 93 51 07 95

  • Food Post Harvest
  • Future Agrifood Systems
  • Health Aspects

Kristine Engel Arendt

Special Consultant


Phone: +45 35 33 28 00

Biodiversity - BIO

Mads Bennedsen

Special Consultant, Fundraiser


Phone: +45 22 48 39 09

  • Selfefficiency in Nutrients
  • Green the Blue - Bluening the Green - 2GETHER

Niels Michael Petersen

Strategic Advisor, Special Advisor


Phone: +45 93 50 76 25

  • Green the Blue - Bluening the Green - 2GETHER
  • Digitalization and infrastructure (DIGITZATION)

Jens Riemer

Green Transformation Officer, Executive Support and Communication


Phone: +45 22 48 22 36

  • People & Practices

Robert Pederson

Research Consultant


Phone: +45 46 74 38 59

  • Cultivation (Land)Scapes
  • People & Practices

Bodil Hjarvard

Academic Employee


Phone: +45 93 52 29 26

  • Biodiversity - BIO
  • Cultivation (Land)Scapes
  • Future Agrifood Systems
  • People & Practices