The People and Practices Hub wants to integrate a people and practice dimension into the more technical solutions to green transition of the agrofood systems.


What are we interested in?

  • Providing insights on individual, citizen, and business practices
  • Understanding the role of culture
  • Proposing ways that lead to behavioural change and adoption of practices
  • Investigate consumer adoption and acceptance of technologies and new products

What are the main challenges?

Key challenges would be: 

  • Supporting technological solutions to advance on Societal Readiness Levels
  • Supporting the market exploitation and internationalization of proposed business solutions
  • Incorporating and ensuring diversity (gender, LGBTQ+)

Key characteristics of the Hub

People and practices Hub will aim to support proposals that require the SSH dimension and need to advance the societal readiness level of the proposed solutions. Besides, the Hub will target research opportunities that have a sole SSH dimension. The Hub is interdisciplinary with experts from Social Sciences, as well as experts from specific domains (e.g. food production, farming, product development, nutrition, health).

Who are we?

The People and Practices Hub is for everyone who are interested in uniting perspectives from social sciences and humanities with technology and digitalization. The Hub is especially interested in the following areas of research:

  • Marketing research, consumer behaviour, and consumer psychology
  • Social Media Management / Communication
  • Behavioural models
  • Business models
  • Societal transitions
  • Citizen science

Academic coordinators

Polymeros Chrysochou

Department of Management

Aarhus University

Phone: +45 27 97 52 43


Jessica Aschemann-Witzel

Department of Management

Aarhus University

Phone: +45 93 50 83 32


Administrative coordinators

Jens Riemer

Green Transformation Officer, Executive Support and Communication

Copenhagen Business School


Phone: +45 22 48 22 36

Robert Pederson

Research Consultant

Roskilde University


Phone: +45 46 74 38 59

Bodil Hjarvard

Academic Employee

Aarhus University


Phone: +45 93 52 29 26