Meet the START Research HUBs

A START Research HUB is an academic intelligent working place for creating:

  • An open forum for interdisciplinary thematic discussions in the agri-food area on research challenges, needs, interests and opportunities
  • A marketplace for formulating research agenda, creating consortia and attracting funding
  • An informal network based on trust and not regulated by written agreement.

All researchers are invited to join the START Research HUBs. In order to to take part and benefit from the START activities within the HUBs you will need to register as an official START Associated Researchers.

Why participate in START as a researcher?

United action and joint collaboration is the key to unlock the green transition and is a prerequisite to meet the requirements of funders requesting interdisciplinary approaches to research and innovation.

The START platform and Research HUBs favours interdisciplinary collaborations across all scientific disciplines; natural sciences, engineering, social sciences and humanities. The strong integrative, inclusive and interdisciplinary profile of START enables researchers to adopt mission-based research approaches that drives forward solutions and strategies for a more sustainable development of the agrifood system. 

Incentives – why join and take part?

  • Novel research networks across disciplines 
  • Funding opportunities and consortia
  • Increased exposure to European and national research and innovation landscapes
  • Increased international impact and visibility
  • Increased access to research infrastructures across the institutions 
  • Increased access to data, analyses, and models

How to sign up for the Research HUBs?

As a researcher you are invited to join one or more of the START Research HUBs. Please sign up using the designated registration link.

Please consider how your research expertise and knowledge can be put into play. We invite you to sign up for additional hubs and to bring to your knowledge into an interdisciplinary play.

Upon registering you will receive a welcoming email. Hereafter your will be invited for START and Research HUB related activities.

Please note that your registered data will be processed and managed according to GDPR and kept for a period up to five years. You may at any point unsubscribe by reaching out the START Administrative Team.

Want to create a Research HUB?

What to Consider

The START Steering Committee invites all researchers to apply for new interdisciplinary HUB initiatives.

A START Research HUB is characterized by its integrative, inclusive, and interdisciplinary profile. 

If you are considering establishing a new START Research HUB, you must consider these elements as essential.

It is also important to consider in what extent the proposed topic can be expanded to facilitate the cross-university dialogue. 

Read more in the HUB guidelines here

How to apply for a new START Research HUB?

New HUBs can be suggested to the START steering committee by sending in a short application.

Before applying, the applicant should analyse the scientific scope and competences in existing HUBs, to make sure that the area is not already covered by one of the HUBs.

  1. Download and fill in the template “START HUB proposal template”.
  2. Please send it to: and
  3. Upon submitting the proposal, you will receive a conformation of filing by email.
  4. The proposal will be evaluated by the START Steering Committee at the next upcoming Steering Committee Meeting. Find meeting dates in the START event calendar.
  5. The Lead and Co-lead of the application will be invited for an interview and dialogue with the Steering Committee Members. This is to support the goals of interdisciplinarity (at least three universities) and to support and providing sparring to the proposed HUB initiative.
  6. Approved START HUBs will need to draft a description for the START homepage and provide an overview of planned HUB activities and meetings as soon as possible upon approval.