Future AgriFood Systems open online meeting: "Data-driven changes of future food systems"

The workshop will focus on data driven changes in the food systems. Unlocking the potential of digitalization and data technologies can be part of the answer to how we maximise the ‘amount’ of products from a given piece of land, to promote a shift from a fossil-based society towards society using cascading technologies.

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Tuesday 10 October 2023,  at 10:00 - 11:30

Unlocking this potential involves academic challenges like purpose-driven design and specification of information management systems, purpose driven data/information requirement specification, big data analytics, development of digital twins, data interoperability (technical and semantical) data standards, and user adoption.

We have invited Claus Grøn Sørensen, Professor at Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering – Communication, Control and Automation at Aarhus University, to talk about data driven food systems. Claus is also the coordinator for the START HUB: DIGITAL and gave a presentation at the START delegation visit in Brussels this spring as well. After the presentation, we will have the opportunity to debate the possibilities and barriers digitalization and data technologies provides to future agrifood systems.